Privacy Notice

Data Protection Policy under the LOPD and RGPD

We inform you in accordance with the provisions of the RGPD of April 27, 2016 that MARÍA TERESA PINILLOS CORDÓN, collects and processes your personal data, applying the technical and organizational measures that guarantee your confidentiality, in order to manage the relationship that binds. You give your consent and authorization for such treatment. We will keep your personal data only for the time necessary to manage our relationship. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, portability and opposition by contacting MARÍA TERESA PINILLOS CORDÓN with address C/ PARLAMENTO 2, VILLAMEDIANA DE IREGUA, 26142, LA RIOJA. .

For more information about the security procedures of your data, or to cancel your subscription, contact us by sending an email to and by phone at +34659898187

The contact data handled by each company belongs to the people. Therefore, it is necessary to know that these people have a series of rights:

    Right of access

    Right to access, to know what data he has himself, how his personal data has been obtained and indicate if these data have been transferred to other companies.

    Regarding the way in which access must be facilitated, art. 15.3 and recital 63 state that a copy of the data subject to processing must be provided simply or easily at reasonable time intervals, so that the interested party can verify and know the legality of the processing. A specific mention is made in said recital, to the data related to health included in the Clinical Records, which must contain information on diagnoses, test results, medical evaluations and any treatments or interventions practiced.

    Said person can exercise this right in any way (an official document is not necessary), it is necessary that together with the request they deliver a copy of the DNI or document that identifies them.

    Right of rectification

    Right to correct / rectify the information you have about him in the event that it is incorrect, being necessary to demonstrate that the data is erroneous.

    The right of rectification is regulated in Article 16 of the RGPDUE, as the right that the interested party has to request the data controller to rectify their data when they are inaccurate. Upon this request, the controller must satisfy this right without undue delay. Right that in identical terms includes the Considering (65).

    Taking into account the purposes for which the data has been processed, the interested party will have the right to have the personal data completed when they are incomplete, in particular by means of the delivery of a statement.

    Right of suppression or Right to be forgotten

    The right to suppression, the right to be forgotten, is the name given by the Regulation to the traditional right of cancellation, which regulates the RGPD and its Development Regulation.

    The right to be forgotten is presented as the consequence of the right that citizens have to request, and obtain from those responsible, that personal data be deleted when, among other cases, these are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, when consent has been withdrawn or when these have been collected illegally. It refers to the Right to obtain, without undue delay, from the data controller, the deletion of personal data that concerns you when any of the following circumstances occur:
        When the personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed.
        When the interested party withdraws the consent on which the treatment is based and this is not based on another legal basis.
        When the interested party opposes the treatment and other legitimate reasons for the treatment do not prevail.
        When the personal data has been illicitly processed.
        When the personal data must be deleted for the fulfillment of a legal obligation established in the Law of the Union or of the Member States that applies to the data controller.
        When the personal data has been obtained in relation to the offer of information society services aimed at minors.

    The person responsible for the treatment will be obliged to delete the personal data without undue delay, upon request of a right of deletion in which the circumstances that the RGPD collects occur.

    It is not considered an autonomous right or differentiated from the classic ARCO rights, but rather the consequence of the application of the right to erasure of personal data.
        Those responsible who currently apply this jurisprudence do not have

your subscription at any time by logging in and editing your
Subscriptions in "Account preferences" in the "My account" section at
4.3. Obligations of the Registered User
The Registered User has the following obligations:
a. Do not register with several User accounts on the Website, nor do so with false or
impersonating the personality of third parties. You are responsible for providing your real data.

Contract Terms and Conditions (LSSICE)

b. Do not use or attempt to use the account of another User, without authorization or consent.
c. Be solely responsible for all activities carried out from your personal account
on the website of Mª TERESA PINILLOS.
d. Take care of the confidentiality of your access data, since you will be responsible for any
damage suffered or suffered by third parties for breaching these Conditions. You are also responsible
of what happens in your personal account unless the security of it has been seen
compromised due to external causes. Specifically, you must:
Yo. Keep the account updated.
ii. Store the chosen password confidentially.
iii. Be the only User who uses the created account.
IV. Do not market, sell or transfer the account to a third party.
and. Mª TERESA PINILLOS reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the account of any
user who does not comply with the provisions herein.
4.4. Modification and cancellation of the Registered User account
At any time, the Registered User may modify the data, billing addresses of
your account
or cancel the account through the user area.

5. Description of the purchase process
The purchase process can be carried out through the Website, by identifying yourself as a Registered User, for which you will have to carry out the appropriate procedures to complete the registration.
To buy the products available in the catalog, it will be necessary for the User, through the catalog, to click on those that are of interest to him, selecting the option “Add to cart” as well as the number of products that he wishes to obtain. If the user clicks on the "Quick View" section, a window is displayed with a detailed description of the selected product, its content, product type selection options, if any, other additional information and the evaluation of other users, in their opinion. case.
 The selected products will be automatically available to the User in the shopping cart.
Next, the User must:
a. Once the User has verified that the products in the cart correspond to the selection made, they can proceed to place the order by clicking on "Proceed to Checkout".
b. The user must access his account in order to make the payment. If the user is a new customer, he must proceed to create a new account.
c. Once the product has been added to the cart, a summary of its content will be displayed with a breakdown of price and transport. You must select the "Finish purchase" option.
d. The purchase process will be displayed on the screen, with a form to record contact data and shipping information and the corresponding consideration, which will be indicated at all times in the form.
and. It will be necessary for the Buyer to select the chosen payment method. Currently available payment methods are:
Debit or credit card in which case we will need you to provide us with information regarding your card for the sole purpose of processing the payment. M.ª TERESA PINILLOS may offer the subsidiary possibility of making the payment by cash on delivery.
PayPal: The user will make the payment through his account through the payment platform, entering his data.
Bizum: The user will make the payment to the telephone number 659898187 or 619365495, indicating the order number and the amount to be paid as a concept.
Transfer: The user must make the transfer to the following account number: ES8301824829020201596293, indicating the order number as a concept.
and. Whenever the User has provided this data, he must proceed to the payment, and with it, confirm his willingness to acquire and formalize the sale, prior acceptance of these Conditions.
F. If M. TERESA PINILLOS accepts the order, he will confirm having received the Buyer's willingness to purchase and, where appropriate, the payment of the order. In the same way, the invoice corresponding to the purchase will be made available to the Buyer by email. By accepting these Conditions, the Buyer allows the sending of an electronic invoice. At any time, you can oppose it, indicating it to the email
g. Once the order is confirmed, the Buyer will receive the products within the period indicated on the Website.
    If M.ª TERESA PINILLOS does not accept the order, the payment will not proceed and notification

ará the causes will notify you of the causes by contacting the user.
6. Pricing Policy
The prices that are shown on the Web are set by M. TERESA PINILLOS. Prices are shown in Euros/Dollars.
Before purchasing any of the selected products, we will show you the prices broken down according to the tax base and the applicable taxes at any given time.
The prices do not include certain applicable taxes that must be paid by the Client, as the case may be, since M. TERESA PINILLOS cannot determine in advance the taxes that will be applicable, since it will depend on the place from which the contract is made. Once the Client has entered this information in the appropriate form, the information regarding the taxes that must be paid will be displayed to the Client.
The transport and delivery costs of the products will be those indicated on the Website at all times and in the Shipping and Returns Policy.
7. Discount policy
There is a possibility that M.ª TERESA PINILLOS applies certain discounts on its products, which will be perfectly defined on the web and will detail its type, the basis on which it is applied, the amount thereof and which products it affects. The customer can receive discount coupons in the "Information" section, by clicking on the "Discounts" box.
The discount policy will depend on the time of year, being subject to the will of M. TERESA PINILLOS.
8. Acceptance of the General Conditions of Purchase
When the purchase is made entirely through the Web, you must read these Conditions and accept them expressly, by clicking on the corresponding consent check box, which is unchecked by default, at the end of the purchase process.
In the event that there are special rules or restrictions that affect certain rates, discounts and/or products you have selected, such special rules or restrictions will be shown on the screen before proceeding to purchase the product.
9. Obligations of the parties
9.1. Obligations of M. TERESA PINILLOS
Mª TERESA PINILLOS undertakes to:
a. Effectively and efficiently carry out all the procedures for the execution of the reception by the Buyer of the products purchased.
b. Send the Buyer all the information and documentation necessary to receive the order.
c. Do not allow any transaction that is illegal, or is considered by the credit card brands or the acquiring bank that may or has the potential to damage their goodwill or negatively influence them. Under the card brand programs, the following activities are prohibited: the sale or offer of a product or service that is not in full compliance with all applicable laws to the purchaser, issuing bank, merchant, cardholder