Preciosa seed beads in size 11/0

Welcome to the category of Preciosa Rocailles 11/0 in our online store! Here you will find a wide variety of high-quality and uniform rocailles, manufactured in the Czech Republic.

These rocailles are ideal for fine jewelry and craft work, as their size 11/0 makes them perfect for delicate and precise details in your creations. Additionally, their uniformity ensures that each piece has an impeccable and professional appearance. The Preciosa brand is recognized for its attention to detail in the production of each of its rocailles. Their quality and uniformity make them comparable to the Japanese brands Toho and Miyuki, leaders in the rocailles market.

Each 10-gram package contains approximately 900 rocailles, so you will have enough material for your projects without having to worry about running out of supplies.

Trust in the quality of Preciosa Rocailles 11/0 and surprise everyone with your high-quality