Miyuki Delica Beads

MIYUKI produces various types and shapes of beads such as Delica, Twist, Drop ...
The color of the MIYUKI beads is created by various different processes, offering in this way a great variety of colors and effects with various covers more or less resistant over time but always respecting high quality standards. The production techniques used make the miyuki beads, of any model, take an incredible homogeneity. Homogeneity is very important when you want to perform high standard work.

What are Miyuki Delica

Miyuki Delica (in this case 0/11) are cylindrical beads approximately 1.6x1.5mm in size with a 0.8mm through hole from side to side. They stand out in the market thanks to their homogeneity, that is, they are all perfectly the same and this characteristic allows you to work with the various techniques that exist.
In general, "Seed Bead" is a generic term that is used for every small bead regardless of the models such as Round, Cylinder (Delica), Hexagon, Bugle, Triangle, Drop, etc. A wide variety of types of beads are used in a variety of ways to create works satisfactorily with different techniques such as Peyote or Brick Stitch among the best known. In our online store you will find various tutorials offered for free to learn everything you need to know about this fantastic world.