Beads of the Japanese brand Miyuki

Browse among between the categories Delica, seeds beads, cubes and mucho more to find the best Beads to make your bracelets, necklaces, rings or earrings


Miyuki beads are Japanese original and are very famous for being all the same size and shape among them, they have a perfect cut and molded. Thanks to this feature we can achieve excellent jobs as they fit together perfectly and so you can work with different techniques such as Peyote and Brick Stitch among the best known using the famous Delica and Seeds beads.
For the purchase of quantities greater than 1 gr. these will be packaged within the same confection. For concrete comments on the packaging you can contact us through the following address E-mail: [email protected]

Beaded bracelet

One of the most made accessories with Japanese beads are bracelets. Did you know that we can help you learn how to make them?

Miyuki Bracelets

Below we offer you these free tutorials that will help you learn basic techniques (such as Peyote, row reduction, circular Peyote, etc.) so you can start working with MIYUKI today. If you want to see more free tutorials CLICK HERE

tutorials con miyuki