Nova thread for beading

Ideal thread to work with beads of all kinds. This thread has a very special feature that stands out from all the others ... It does not break!

Surely one thing we look for when we are doing any job is to be durable, many times we have surely done jobs that because of the thread have had a very short life or we have not even finished it because we have broken the thread itself while we were doing the creation. The NOVA yarn is the solution.

This thread is multifilament, that is to say, it is composed of many microwires of great strength that all together make a unique body very resistant in time.

Another feature that stands out is the flexibility, unlike other threads this is very soft so very easy to bend and get to make bends or folds also with very small beads like seed beads or delicas up to 15/0 in different types of techniques. It is highly recommended for work with the Peyote technique.