S-LON Thread Tex 35 - AA Size

Beading thread S-Lon tex 35

Superlon Tex size 35 embroidery, sewing and jewelery thread is commercially available in two sizes AA and D. Size AA is a fine beading thread suitable for size 15/0 and other small beadwork, for brick stitch, peyote stitch, square stitch, etc., while size D is a beading thread suitable for larger sizes such as 11/0 and 8/0 it allows multiple passes through the hole. They can be used with a size 12 needle or equivalent. It is a durable beading thread, with a breaking point of 4lbs, equivalent to 1.81kg. Made of nylon polymer, it is UV resistant and has very limited stretch. Silky and lightweight, S-Lon / C-Lon beading thread does not require conditioning before use.
Perfect for Superduo Beads/Rulla Beads etc.

Approximate thickness of each model 0.09 mm