Flat Waxed Polyester Cord

In this category you will find a wide assortment of polyester cords for your handmade jewelry work. The flat cords of this material are widely used in the making of bracelets and necklaces with different braiding techniques or simply as the main element. Waxed polyester cords are also available with a round section.

What is waxed polyester

The waxing of the laces is a protection treatment against external agents, such as water or perfumes, which can damage the structure of the strings and make them weaker. This process is carried out simply by coating the entire length of the string with a light layer of acrylic wax and then reheating it at a low temperature so that the wax manages to enter the interior of the section and the process is finished by allowing it to cool down in order to wind the entire string. cord on spools.
The most common use is to create your own necklaces or bracelets with this type of rope, decorating your creation with tassels or pendants hooked through a ring.