Nymo thread size 0 Lightly waxed and slightly twisted, this nylon thread is the ideal thread for beadwork

Nymo is the most popular and easy to find type of nylon beading thread. It can be used for loom weaving, sewing and beading. The strongest point of this thread brand is its wide variety of colors and sizes.
Many bead lovers start using Nymo mainly because it is easy to find at most local bead stores and online and is also very inexpensive.

Thread from Nymo spools and cones is higher quality and easier to use than thread from bobbins. We highly recommend spools to try out the thread and find your favorite colors, but once you find them, you'll probably prefer thread sold on spools or cones, as it's easier to thread and sew and generally of higher quality.

NYMO 00 0,12mm 15/0 -13/0
NYMO 0 0,15mm 15/0 - 13/0 -11/0
NYMO B 0,20mm 11/0 - 9/0
NYMO D 0,30mm 11/0 - 9/0 - 7/0 - 8/0
NYMO F 0,38mm 9/0 - 8/0 - 7/0 - 6/0