Leather Cord 6mm

6mm natural leather cord

Quality round leather for necklaces

In this category you can find a wide assortment of 6mm diameter leather cords for all your creations, this measure is very popular for creating bracelets.
Making leather cord bracelets

Dare to make your own bracelets with this natural and high quality material. Leather has always been used for the creation of all kinds of accessories, from belts to bags, but it can always be found more in handmade jewelry creations, in accessories such as bracelets or necklaces with the help of all kinds of jewelry findings. Natural leather is usually found in various shades of brown or black, all other colored leathers are dyed with acrylic paints.

Dyed natural leather cord from various countries around the world. The cord, made of 100% leather, is dyed with acrylic paints. Leather does not stretch or shrink when processed or worn. Dyes are used by professional ateliers during fashion collections. The cord is very easy to use and unique creations can be made by mixing the colors.

Now that you have the leather, surely you need leather cord terminals or closures to be able to find the perfect inspiration and create your necklace or bracelet.