8/0 MATUBO Seed Beads - 3mm

Matubo Rocailles in Size 8/0 (3mm)

In our online store, we present to you a wide range of Matubo Rocailles in size 8/0 in 5-gram packs. These rocailles are true gems for the creation of handmade jewelry and accessories.

The Matubo Rocailles are manufactured in the Czech Republic and are known for their exceptional quality and stunning variety of colors. One of the standout features of these rocailles is their inner hole diameter, which is notably larger compared to other brands of the same size. This makes them ideal for thicker threads and multiple passes. Additionally, Matubo rocailles have flatter outer sides in contrast to other brands, which often have more rounded sides, like a donut. This distinctive characteristic adds a unique touch to your designs.

Size 8/0 corresponds to an approximate diameter of 3mm, making them versatile for a variety of jewelry and accessory projects. Each 5-gram pack contains approximately 160 pieces, providing you with a generous quantity of these beautiful beads to unleash your creativity.

Whether you're looking to accentuate your designs with a wide color palette or want to experiment with beads that are ideal for larger-scale projects, our Matubo 8/0 Rocailles are the perfect choice. Whether you're an experienced enthusiast or taking your first steps in jewelry creation, these beads will offer you the quality and versatility you need to take your projects to the next level. Explore our selection and discover the world of possibilities that Matubo offers!