Gems or Semiprecious Stones

In our category dedicated to stones you can find a wide assortment of high quality semi-precious and synthetic stone beads for the realization of your jewelry or handmade costume jewellery.

Create your accessories with the most exclusive pieces by choosing from many types of stones such as Jade, Amazonite, Agate, Howlite, Jasper, petrified wood and many more in an immensity of colors and sizes with the possibility of having a discount on almost all stones in buying more units.

What are semiprecious stones?

As the name itself says, they are stones not considered precious. The stones considered as precious are only ruby, diamond, emerald and sapphire and all others are not considered as such, so all other gems, also called precious stones, are rocks, minerals, glasses or organic products of natural origin, which when cut or polished can be used in the making of jewelry or artistic objects.