In this category you will find a wide assortment of eyepins with ring for your jewelery or costume jewelery creations. We have poles of various sizes and colors so that you can insert any element to your design through the poles with rings respecting the colors of the metal that you were using or that you are going to use.

Eyepins for jewellery
What is the use of a eyepins with a ring in jewelery or costume jewelery?

The eyepins is an element of findings that is used to insert elements to your piece of costume jewelery or jewelry, you can use them for inserts of beads or metal pieces and hook them to a part of the creation through the rings that it has. The eyepin has a factory pre-molded ring on one side and another side with nothing so that you can insert the element to use, once you have inserted it you must create a ring on the side that did not have it, with automatic pliers for rings or a pliers with round tips so you can hook the piece on both sides to your bracelet, necklace or earrings.