925 Sterling Silver Tags

Sterling silver pendants or plates with 925 engraving

Highlight your creations with our assortment of 925 sterling silver pendants for your jewelry, this type of pendants are used to mark the quality of the metal used in a jewelry creation with 925 sterling silver. The badges can be engraved with your logo or drawing with our high-precision fiber laser engraving service.

It is very common to see this type of badges in different types of creations such as bracelets or necklaces, in particular, the 925 mark guarantees the use of this precious metal for its creation and makes a client or the person to whom we are going to give our detail trust the quality of it even more and you will be able to value more the findings used such as the sterling silver clasp, the silver chain or simply the 925 sterling silver rings. Enter each item to know the price according to the quantity purchased.