Tassels for Embellishments

Highlight all your creations with a very original touch using decorative tassels, a classic in jewelry


What is a tassel?

A pearl is a finishing element in the decoration of fabrics and clothing. It is a practically universal ornament that exists in different versions, sizes and colors and is widely used in many cultures around the world. A simple tassel is made by gathering and tying strands of cord together and creating a bare top that will then be hooked to the main item.
Tassels are normally decorative elements and, like tales, are often found along the bottom hem of garments, accessories, costume jewelery and curtains.

Welcome to our section dedicated to tassels made of different materials, sizes and colors. In our online store we offer several models of tassels made with top quality acrylic or organic threads. The dyes used are for life and without destination, but you must always avoid contact with salt and wash at high temperatures (above 60ºC).